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My Build in Public Megathread with MRRArt Pro! ๐Ÿš€


For, I promised myself to share more. I'll use this as a megathread with progress ๐Ÿงต

Going through the pain of drawing charts by hand made me realize the value of the product. It's SO frustrating!


MRRArt Journey 1

I went straight into marketing mode, built the website in a day and waited to see if anyway is willing to pay for this.

they did! for some reason!


MRRArt LemonSqueezy

afterwards I did initial research.

I went through most of unicode characters to see what works on twitter, what works in the terminal and what works in general for line characters as well as background.

turns out there are thousands of them but I checked most.


MRRArt Research

having validated the feasibility, I jumped into marketing.

did the website which was received very well and made sure to credit my first (awesome) supporters!

in the meantime I started working on a PoC for the core functionality.


MRRArt Reviews

after I slapped a core library together, I am now working on a UI PoC.

I will first add all UI pieces I have in mind and then work on the UX.


The rest of the journey is documented on twitter with videos and the works ๐Ÿš€
Check out the thread here

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