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My Build in Public Journey with MRRArt Pro! ๐Ÿš€


~10 days ago wrote my 1st tweet on #buildinpublic
Only had a pitch & a @lmsqueezy pre-order link.

day 1. Pre order #5
day 2. Website
day 3. PoC
day 5. Pre order #20. Develop
day 9. Design
day 10. Onboarding first beta users to get feedback

What a ride!

MRRArt Journey 1
MRRArt Journey 2
MRRArt Journey 3
MRRArt Journey 4

V early in the process, even before opening Figma, I used a piece of software called @monodraw to draft the concepts.

A lot of the work after I put the website up was to test out unicode sets & post to tw.

Thought if I get that to work, I'll figure out how to program it later

MRRArt Figma concept
MRRArt Early test

๐Ÿ‘€ the story continues here...

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