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Getting 12k clicks on Twitter/𝕏 and the importance of putting your link in the tweet


This post is part of an experiment where I test the exact same post/tweet with a link and without a link to see which one performs better.

Scroll down to see the results.

There is a big discussion if links in posts are a good idea or not. I've looked through my analytics and have found that 4 of my posts that contain links have gotten 12k clicks in total. That's huge and it shows that posts with links in them can perform very well. But is that always the case?

I think in this case, it has helped a lot. Don't you?

Here's one example with link + image

Here's another example of a link + video

People claim that having a link in the tweet can reduce the reach of the tweet, but I think this is more complicated.

Reach doesn't necessarily mean conversion, on less your tweet is a clickbait style e.g.:

I wrote a free guide on how to make $1M in 1 month, link in comments

I'd argue that putting the link in the main tweet will give you a better chance of people visiting that link. After all, everyone has a limited time span and performing 2 actions instead of one will result in some sort of drop in conversion %.

I've made this experiment to at least see if the exact same tweet with/without the link will perform differently.

I will be tracking performance and updating this post with the results.

Here's the post without the link:

Here's the post with the link:


As most would assume, the post without the link got more reach. About 2x more impressions.

However, the post with the link got more engagement and over 100 clicks.

Surprisingly, they got a similar number of likes and comments.

This is not exactly scientific, but allow me to draw some conclusions anyway.

Twitter/𝕏 analytics for the two posts

It seems like the extra impressions did not amount to much in terms of engagement. If people didn't engage, that also means obviously wouldn't open the post with no link and see the first post under it (that typically contains a link).

Then hear I can conclude that the number of impressions the post without the link got is a bit of a vanity metric.

That being said, we'd obviously need more data points to draw any reasonable conclusions.

Me? I think I'll take the 100 clicks.

This is part of an experiment on Twitter/𝕏 where I post the same 2 tweets with a link and without to see which one performs better.

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