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Looking at my friend's Google Search Console Activity... again 🧐


previously I wrote about this here 👀

Update on my friend's website that I helped with SEO. He said he enjoyed my advice 😃

SEO Update on Friend's Website

His domain is a few years old with some external links.

I wish I could tell you exactly what worked. I have some ideas, but not sure why it exploded now.

We did performance work, programmatic SEO & tweaked metas (incl i18n) among others.

This is mostly due to pSEO as far as I can tell so it'll likely be harder to convert.

This is all organic btw. Correlates with pages getting indexed.


  • We used LLMs to enrich some of the content on pSEO pages
  • We generated sitemaps indexes ofc for this volume
  • prior to pSEO there's been a push on creating HQ content (albeit low volume - now stopped)
SEO Update on Friend's Website

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