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Introducing Clobbr App: $7.99 One-Time Purchase! 💥


$7.99 one-time purchase for Clobbr App.
No subscription.
I decided it's not fair for users to pay a subscription for an app they'll use infrequently. This'll mean I make less $, but I don't want to be greedy.

What do you think? Is this a reasonable deal?

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IMO too many apps are charging a subscription these days when they shouldn't.

It makes sense for a SaaS / cloud service but not for this kind of app.

I put myself into my users' shoes and I would be let down if this was a subscription.

Lemme know if you think different based on the AppStore listing!

Clobbr - API load & speed test is a developer tool that allows you to test your api endpoints to see how well they perform under multiple requests (clobber your apis!), in sequence or parallel. Read more on

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